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Tobacco companies are violating the law all over the country: Survey findings revealed

Tobacco companies are responsible for creating the social crisis by leading the young generation to smoking and tobacco intoxication. Because, at one side government is taking various measures including formulation and amendment of ‘Smoking and Tobacco Products Usage (Control)’ law to reduce tobacco-related deaths and the severity, on the other hand tobacco companies are violating the law showing disrespect to the constitution and law. On 05 September 2016 in a sharing meeting titled “Sharing Meeting of Compliance Survey on Tobacco Control”, anti-tobacco activists expressed this opinion at koiborto meeting room of WBB Trust.

Demands for quick steps to control tobacco cultivation

Urgent control of tobacco cultivation is need which is a threat to food security and devastating for public health and the environment. In this case, Ministry of Agriculture can play the vital role. Ministry of Agriculture is taking various forms to achieve the country's food-sufficiency program. However, there is risk of food shortages due to population growth and the decrease  amount of productive agricultural land. It is not expected to Ministry of Agriculture be in the support and cooperation of the harmful tobacco cultivation which results the tobacco cultivation control policy decision-making process hampered and delayed. The demonstration program was presided by Helal Ahmed, Secretary General of Prottyasha Anti-Drug Organization, where Rafiqul Islam Milon, Adviser of Monobik; Syeda Anonna Rahman, Program Manager of WBB Trust; Towhid ud Dowla Reza, Project Officer of AID; Farzana Zaman Liza, Research Assistant of TCRC; Anadi Kumar Mandol, Executive Director of Prodesh; Ankhi Akter, Chairman of Dustha Nari o Shishu Kollyan Trust gave speech. Abu Rayhan, Assistant Project Officer of WBB trust, moderated the program.

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