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Tobacco Companies are Attracting the Young People to Smoke by Breaking the Law
Bangladesh government's commitment to build a tobacco-free country by 2040 is under real threat. A real example of this is the tobacco companies setting up smoking zones in various restaurants at their own finance. The companies are also promoting their products in various ways, including research and advertising for tobacco. Representatives of civil society have expressed concern over the incident. 49% of the total population of Bangladesh is young. If it is possible to attract a young person to this addiction, then a long term consumer is created for the company. Note that according to Global Youth Tobacco Survey-2013, 5% of 13-15 year olds in Bangladesh consume tobacco products and this number is constantly increasing. It is imperative to implement the Tobacco Control Act and adopt a definite action plan to overcome these problems.
Ministries concerned need to have a clear plan for tobacco control

If the concerned ministries have their own plans to build a tobacco free Bangladesh, it is possible to achieve the desired goal by 2040 as per the conviction of Hon'ble Prime Minister. The WBB Trust filed RTIs under the Right to Information Act with various ministries for the purpose of collecting information as part of conducting research activities in 2021-22 on "what kind of plans a ministry has in tobacco control". The research paper, prepared in the light of the information received from the Ministries, was published today, April 26, 2022, at 11 am in a meeting titled 'Current Context and Needs in Tobacco Control', a joint venture of 'Bangladesh Anti-Tobacco Alliance' and 'Work for a Better Bangladesh' (WBB) Trust. .

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