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Dissemination of research tilled ‘laws and policies creating obstacles to implementing tobacco control initiatives’.

Research dissemination seminar titled ‘laws and policies creating obstacles to implement tobacco control initiatives’. held on 12 January 2021. Seminar organized by Bangladesh anti-tobacco Alliance and WBB Trust with the support of The Union.

Demand to renovate and open the playground designated for persons with disabilities

 Honorable Prime Minister has allocated a playground for persons with disabilities in the southern corner of National Sangsad considering the importance of socialization and physical activity of persons with disabilities. Unfortunately the playground has not been opened till date. It is important to renovate and open the playground for persons with disabilities as soon as possible considering their physical and mental health.

On this demand Disability Development Foundation, Society of the Deaf and Sign Language User, Center for the Rights and Development of Person with Disability, Access Bangladesh Foundation, Dhaka Ideal Cadet School, Dhanmondi Kochikontho High School, Rayerbazar High School, Institute of Wellbeing Bangladesh, Car-free Cities Alliance and Work for a Better Bangladesh Trust has jointly organized a campaign on 17th January 2021.


Working Area
Increase of Traffic Congestion and Private Cars in Dhaka through Planning against Public Interest: A solution
Maruf Hossain, National Advocacy Officer, WBB Trust
26th November, 2013
Ecosan, the new paradigm
Ziaur Rahman, Project Officer,WBB Trust
4th October, 2013