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Demand to declare National No Tobacco Day officially and  ban e-cigarette considering wellbeing of future generation

E-cigarette has been proved harmful by many international researches. But tobacco companies are falsely claiming the opposite and promoting e-cigarettes among youths only to pursue their profit. E-cigarettes should be banned in Bangladesh considering health hazard and to ensure betterment of future generation. Speakers opined such on a campaign organized by Bangladesh Anti-Tobacco Alliance (BATA) on 09 October 2019, in front of National Press Club to celebrate National No Tobacco Day.

Community People Created 3-D Design of  Six Parks and Playgrounds in Mirpur
Parks and playgrounds play a very important role in cities. But Dhaka city lacks this important component in most communities. And the areas having parks and playgrounds are not fully utilized. A playground becomes accessible for all, when it reflects requirements of everyone. Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC), HealthBridge-Canada, Work for a Better Bangladesh Trust, Block by Block and UN-Habitat have jointly taken initiative to make six parks and playgrounds of Mirpur area (ward no 2, 4, 5, 7 and 9) accessible for all. Community people have created designs for each site by using Minecraft game. Participatory approach is very important while improving parks and playgrounds to ensure proper development, usage and maintenance of those. On 6th July 2019 speakers of the closing ceremony of interactive workshop on Minecraft for Participatory Public Space Design expressed such.
Working Area
Increase of Traffic Congestion and Private Cars in Dhaka through Planning against Public Interest: A solution
Maruf Hossain, National Advocacy Officer, WBB Trust
26th November, 2013
Ecosan, the new paradigm
Ziaur Rahman, Project Officer,WBB Trust
4th October, 2013